Clayton’s Australia Pty Ltd recommends decorating calico bags as a great activity to include in any Australian school or children’s program in Sydney or Melbourne. Kids can not only express their creativity, but they can bring home an individualised, useful bag that will provide great memories for many years. Teachers looking to include decorating calico bags in their curriculum must decide the style and size, quantity and colour, and budget they have available for the bags.

Even if the project is for very young children, it is important to find a top quality bag which will last as long as possible. Calico is a great, inexpensive material which is made of cotton in a plain weave. It is available in many different weights, but some are more durable than others. A calico bag that is too light may be too weak to last very long, but one that is too heavy may look bulky and be awkward to use. To find an ideal weight for calico bags, Melbourne and Sydney teachers should look for bags which are available at 140 grams per square metre. Clayton’s Australia Pty Ltd has found that this is the ideal weight for calico bags.

Buying Calico Bags in Bulk Will Provide the Most Options

Purchasing calico bags online is the quickest and easiest way to provide this activity to large groups of kids of any age. Choosing a trustworthy company from which to order calico bags in bulk is essential. The right company will have a great online reputation, provide a quote before the sale, and offer a wide range of bag options. Ordering in bulk is also the best way to purchase calico bags wholesale. For programs on a tight budget, getting as much product for the lowest price is always the goal. Try to find a company who offers a wide range of quantities. For example, websites that have minimums of around 250 are likely to offer the best deals.

Teachers or other program leaders who work with children should try and find a website that will provide options. Being able to choose between the type of calico bags online, wholesale, or in bulk, such as drawstring, tote, or shopping bags allows for more freedom when planning specific activities. Also, choosing a size can be important, especially considering the ages of the children and how much they can conceivably lift and carry. Many companies also offer a choice between plain bags and an applied colour on one or both sides of the bag. The more customisations that are available, the better teachers and program leaders can prepare for the activity they are planning.

Kids Love Decorating Calico Bags in Sydney and Melbourne

Once the bags are ordered at the right price, the fun can begin. Kids can use print foam, ballpoint pens, dual fabric paint, sequins, beads, and yarn to make their calico bags uniquely their own. Teachers should provide the children with different ways to use their bags. For example, a reading or literature program which has ordered library calico bags could take a trip to the library once the bags are done and show the children how to bring their books home in their new bags. When it comes to decorating calico bags, Melbourne kids will love using their imaginations to create a bag they can keep using for many years.