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Are you looking for a unique, functional promotional item for a business or a special event? Printed calico bags are the perfect product! They have a number of versatile uses, and can be used time and time again. Consider giving out printed calico bags at your next conference, meeting, exhibition, trade show or party!


Why choose printed calico bags?

Promote your business

Calico bags are a blank canvas for you to decorate with anything you would like, be it a simple, refined design or an elaborate, eye-catching image. When printed with a business’s logo or a piece of artwork, they can even serve as a great form of free advertising when used by your guests or customers. Whenever used in public, your logo printed calico bag will increase your brand’s exposure and recall. Handing out quality promotional products that are useful for recipients can influence more positive brand awareness and a better customer experience.


In addition to being effective promotional items, printed calico bags are a great alternative to paper or plastic bags, as they’re an environmentally-friendly alternative that can be reused. Offering such a versatile function, calico bags can be used for carrying shopping, laptops, books and more. As we become more conscious of reducing our footprint on the planet, customers are also more likely to support brands who make ethical and sustainable choices. So using printed calico bags is something they will easily get behind. 

Ideal for customising 

The high-quality calico material is perfect for screen-printing as well as for laser printing, so you can have it decorated with the design of your choosing, whether that’s your business’s logo or a special piece of artwork to commemorate a celebration such as a picnic, carnival, or concert. And when you buy printed calico bags at wholesale prices, they don’t have to be an expensive investment either!


Choosing the right print design

For an effective calico bag print, it is important to stick to a simple design and few colours. If using your brand logo, it should be the centrepiece and be able to easily grab people’s attention. 


Buy Printed Calico Bags in Australia 

If you’re looking for printed calico bags in bulk, then Claytons Australia is an incredible resource offering printed calico bags in Melbourne, Sydney, and throughout Australia. Their calico bags are available in many different forms, including both tote bags and drawstring bags, and in various sizes. That makes it easy to find what you require, whether you’re looking to offer many different varieties of bags to customers and guests, or you need a specific type and style of bag for your special giveaway or promotion, (or even your own business’s needs).

Why choose Claytons Australia 

There are many benefits to working with Claytons Australia. The team at our company has over 45 years’ experience, which helps to ensure that we’re able to provide every one of our clients with products of incredible quality, designed and printed to meet their exact specifications. When you’re looking to buy printed calico bags online, or any other types of bags such as those made from non-woven fabrics, visiting Claytons Australia gives you instant access to a range of different options.

There are many great benefits to working with Claytons Australia to get the printed calico bags that you need. We offer incredibly reliable service and are always available to answer any questions that you may need regarding your order. When you need printed calico bags in bulk at wholesale prices, Claytons Australia also offers very affordable rates, making getting the bags you need incredibly cost-effective, regardless of how it is you plan to use them.

When you work with Claytons Australia, you also enjoy fast delivery anywhere in Australia, whether you need printed calico bags in Melbourne, Sydney or any other location. We also offer non-woven tote bags, black calico exhibition bags and pretty much any other bag you can think of! Learn more about the reliability, quality, and exceptional values that Claytons Australia has to offer


Get in touch with us 

Just browse our website for more information about the products and deals we have on offer. Request a free quote today by calling Claytons Australia on 1800 033 217.

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