Are you looking for a great functional promotional item for a business or a special event? Printed calico bags can be a great option! They have a number of different uses, can be used time and time again, and when printed with a business’s logo or a piece of artwork, can even serve as a great form of free advertising when used by your guests or customers. And in addition to being great promotional items, printed calico bags are a great alternative to paper or plastic bags, as they’re an environmentally-friendly alternative that can be reused numerous times by customers and guests.

The high-quality calico material is perfect for screen-printing as well as for laser printing, so you can have it decorated with the design of your choosing, whether that’s your business’s logo or a special piece of artwork to commemorate a celebration such as a picnic, carnival, or concert. And when you buy printed calico bags at wholesale prices, they don’t have to be an expensive purchase, either!

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