Canvas is a fabric that is popularly used as a medium for painting, but it has many other uses as well. Canvas is a hardy, plain-woven fabric which has been used to make tents, sails, and backpacks or other types of bags. In fact, this heavy-duty fabric has been used by the Australian Defence Materiel Organisation for many years. Claytons Australia Pty Ltd is an official Defence Recognised Supplier of quality Defence items to the ADMO, including canvas bags which can be custom made to order. However, canvas bags can be used for purposes other than defence, like camping, hiking, fishing, or travel.

The Characteristics Of Canvas Bags Online


The simplicity of a canvas bag is part of its usefulness and charm. Canvas bags are known for being spacious and having plenty of storage room in the form of pockets. While their design is often simple, it allows for any combination of items needed. Buying canvas bags online, wholesale, or in bulk is a great choice for a smart, clean bag for travel or outdoors.


Canvas bags are a heavy-duty, long-lasting bag. They can withstand much harsher conditions than bags made of other materials, so they wear down more slowly. Canvas is made from heavy threads and woven so that a small rip will not grow larger. It is also easily mended with a needle and thread. And while canvas is not waterproof itself, it can be coated to improve its water resistance. To purchase canvas bags, Melbourne inhabitants should try Claytons Australia Pty Ltd as they are an authentic manufacturer of Defence canvas bags and other items.


Most canvas bags are built to function in any scenario, with convenient pouches and zippers for a variety of different items. All-in-one bags like this make it easy to travel with less luggage. Many canvas bags also come with a waist strap to help leverage a heavier load. Canvas bags often do not need an internal frame because, when full, they hold their shape remarkably well due to their tough fabric.

Canvas is a fabric that breathes well in Sydney and Melbourne, so anything contained in a canvas bag will stay at the same temperature as the outside, unlike nylon which can make things unbearably hot in direct sunlight. Whether a person is backpacking, camping, or traveling in any capacity, a canvas bag is a great choice.

Outdoor Programs Should Purchase Canvas Bags in Sydney and Melbourne.

Different programs can join in the Australian Defence heritage by ordering canvas bags in bulk, online, or wholesale for their activities. Programs involving camping, hiking, outdoor sports, or survivalism could supply their members with canvas bags to bring on their different adventures. Buying in bulk is also a great way to purchase canvas bags wholesale, to get the best price possible. By supporting the use of reliable canvas bags, Sydney outdoor programs can respect and continue the Defence heritage of the nation.

Canvas bags in Melbourne or Sydney provide comfort and durability for any traveler and are also environmentally friendly, as they are biodegradable, natural, and renewable. They are a great option for anyone who wants to explore or traverse outdoors.