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If we don’t stock the bags you require, not a problem. For quantities larger than 1000, we offer wholesale personalised bags in any size, style or material you are after!

The best wholesale custom bag manufacturer that can bring any design to life

If you’re looking for something specific to suit your requirements we manufacture and supply custom reusable bags. We have the facility to produce your custom printed bags as per your design and construction. In addition, we have a large holding of stock bags in popular sizes in our Australian warehouse ready for customisation. Our speciality lies in manufacturing personalised bags to suit your requirements. In essence, bag design and printing layouts are limited only by your imagination. You can have any style, shape, handle or design you desire. No need to worry about your colour options either. Our full range of fabrics and fabric colours are available for your custom reusable bags.

Custom bag design production duration

Generally, for our wholesale personalised bags, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 and an 8-week lead time should be allowed. If required, we can take steps to meet tight deadlines and can quote various freight options for you.

Our range of custom printed bags

We manufacture high-quality custom made to order bags across our entire range of fabrics and styles. These include:


Uses for custom made branded bags

Whether you want custom bags for merchandise, building brand awareness, to hand out at exhibitions, trade shows or creating gifts for your most loyal customers. Claytons has you covered. 

Brand promotion

Printing your logo or brand name on promotional bags is a great, cost effective way to promote your business and increase awareness. When you hand out promotional bags, not only is it a valuable gift for your recipient, but by using it for shopping, groceries and on a day to day basis, it can help with your brand advertising. With increased exposure to your brand logo, more and more people will recognise your brand.

Get in touch with us for personalised bags in Australia 

Elevate your brand or personal style with our customised bags tailored to your unique needs. From business essentials to personal favourites, we offer personalised solutions that leave a lasting impression.

Need more information on our wholesale bag products or custom print designs? Reach out to the team and we will happily assist you. We offer fast fast delivery Australia-wide.

Custom Order Guidelines


What is a promotional tote bag?

A promotional bag is usually given out by companies or brands that want to market and increase brand awareness. They usually have a printed logo or image that represents the brand so that it can gain exposure when seen by others. Promotional bags are reusable and can be used to carry anything from shopping to groceries.

Benefits of Eco-friendly tote bags?

The benefits of creating eco-friendly bags are numerous. With these reusable bags, we can reduce plastic bag usage that contributes to pollution, affecting wildlife and adding to landfill waste. Producing eco-friendly bags is low cost, practical and offers large surface area for various designs. They’re also a more stylish way to carry things around than plastic bags.

What materials are printed shopping bags made from?

Custom printed shopping bags can be made from many different materials. You can choose from cotton, jute, non-woven material, bamboo, felt, hemp and more. With personalised designs, the choice is up to you and your intended purpose for it. 

How are promotional shopping bags printed?

The most commonly used design printing method on promotional shopping bags is large format screen printing or digital transfer printing for HD quality images. Screen printing creates vibrant and quality images, and can be used on a range of different materials. The screen printing process involves making a stencil of the desired design and with the help of a fine mesh screen, ink in the shape of your image  is transferred onto bags. Alternatively, digital printing is done by placing designs onto transfer paper and with the use of heat, it is transferred onto bags. The digital process is preferred for complex images and details. 

At Claytons, we want to ensure that you have the smoothest shopping experience, from purchase all the way to delivery. Fast and cost-effective means of delivery is as important as the product itself. We ship to every Post Code in Australia from our location in the Mid North Coast. When you buy plain jute bags online, you can be sure that your product will arrive right to your doorstep in no time no matter where you live in Australia.

Need immediate delivery? Our premium freight service offers delivery within a shorter time frame all across Australia.

Category: Jute

Many of our products come in natural colours. Our colours are carefully chosen to perfectly match the overall design aesthetic, material and functionality of our bags.

If you’re curious about possible customised colour options or what we can do for you with your branding, simply get in touch with our customer service specialists at Claytons.

Category: Jute

At Claytons, we understand the need for customisation. A design with a clear branding outline and one that specifically caters to an audience can go a long way for an organisation. Sometimes a standard product offering might not be enough. You may need to take things a little bit further. This is why our range of jute shopping bags can be customised as per size, colour or style. 

You can check out more details here.

Category: Jute

Our jute shopping bags are available in two sizes: small and large. The small edition is approximately 300mm wide, 300mm high and 200mm gusset. The large jute shopping bag takes up 400mm in width, 350mm in height and 200mm in the gusset.

Alternatively, you could order custom-sized jute bags wholesale, provided the minimum quantity is 1000.

Category: Jute

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