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You can purchase unprinted bags or we can print to your requirements.

Versatile and strong non-woven bags

We stock a large amount of non-woven bags both in Australia and overseas through our partner network. Our stock level means we can fulfil almost any size order, even at short notice, throughout Australia and Internationally. Our high-quality non-woven bag range includes non-woven shopping bags, non-woven retail bags, non-woven tote bags, non-woven shoulder bags and non-woven messenger bags.

We built our name as a non-woven bag supplier in quality and dedication. You can trust our non-woven shopping bags and foldable non-woven bags to perform and last long. Keep updated with Claytons Australia for more non-woven bag wholesale deals.


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What are non-woven bags and why choose them?

Non-woven fabric is a popular material for printed bags due to its low costs and high degree of reusability. It’s made by joining fibres and resins together through a number of different processes which may be thermal, mechanical or chemical. It’s a really versatile material that lends itself to effective screen printing. For making bags, the rigid fabric of non-woven material also allows it to hold shape better than other cotton compositions. Moreover, as many countries and organizations begin to ban plastic bags, reusable shopping bags are becoming popular replacements.

Using our non-woven eco bags as shopping, promotional, and carry bags helps promote sustainability in your business. Our non-woven polypropylene bags are great alternatives if you wish to go green and replace disposable plastic bags.

Things to look out for when buying non-woven bags

When buying non-woven fabric bags, you should look out for quality material that is thick and durable. Some lower quality non-woven materials that are quite thin will quickly stretch and lose shape after immediate use. 

Also, you might want to have custom options when creating non-woven bags. At Claytons Australia, we can customise non-woven tote bags, shopping bags, eco bags, carry bags and more to suit your business’ needs.

Eco-friendly green customised bags

Non-woven bags are commonly sold in supermarkets as reusable shopping bags to carry groceries as they’re a better alternative to plastic bags. There is a new range of treated non-woven bags that are biodegradable once they reach the end of their useful life. You can opt for this material which is even more eco-friendly than standard non-woven bags.

Promotional non-woven bags

Build your brand awareness through promotional non-woven bags which can be customised to suit all your preferences. Choose your colour, design and  either a non-woven tote bag, shopping bag, retail bag, shoulder bag or messenger bag. Non-woven materials offer a range of benefits such as reusability, low cost, durability and a large surface area to showcase your logo. When your customers or advocates use this bag for shopping, groceries or carrying their stuff, it will help your brand gain more exposure. 

Non-woven bags readily available for immediate delivery:

Non-woven tote bag

300mm x 380mm (no gusset) and 2 handles. Colours available from stock are: Black, White, Navy Blue and Royal Blue from only $1.05 + GST per each.

Non-woven retail bag

300mm x 350mm with a 150mm gusset and 2 handles. Colours available from stock are: Black, White, Navy Blue and Royal Blue from only $1.20 + GST per each.

Non-woven shopping bag

300mm x 300mm with a 220mm gusset and 2 handles. Colours available from stock are: Black, White, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Dark Green and Red from only $1.20 + GST per each.

Non-woven shoulder bag

300mm x 380mm with an 80mm gusset extending 900mm long to form the shoulder strap. Colours available from stock are: White, Orange, Green, Purple and Royal Blue from only $1.30 + GST per each.

Non-woven messenger bag

300mm x 380mm with an 80mm gusset extending 900mm long to form the shoulder strap, comes with a full front flap: Available in only Black – From only $1.40 + GST per each.


We can custom manufacture non-woven bags from quantities as low as 1000

We welcome bulk and wholesale enquiries. For quantities as low as 1000 non-woven bags, we will manufacture to your requirements and specifications. Please either use the ‘request a quote’ link above or email or phone below. We offer an extensive range of wholesale bags so look to us for grocery bags, bulk ham bags and much more. 

Contact Claytons today to discuss your next great value non-woven bag order.

Our non-woven bags come in a variety of pre-designed shapes, and we offer those products in a range of base colours. But the most important customisation comes in the form of screen printing. Non-woven materials are particularly well suited to screen printing, and we make it easy by enabling our customers to provide us with a design of their choosing in a variety of formats. To have your choice of screen print on your order of wholesale non-woven bags, simply upload your image in your choice of high-resolution PDF, EPS AI or JPEG format image file.

Category: Non-Woven

Our goal is to provide businesses all across the country with the opportunity to get their choice of bags delivered at a low wholesale rate. We ship Australia wide, and for low-customisation orders, we often manage to despatch orders on the same day!

We ship to all the major cities from our headquarters in Coffs Harbour, NSW. Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra and Brisbane – through to Hobart, Adelaide, Darwin and Perth. For more details, you can look to our shipping page. There you’ll find our time estimates on deliveries to each of the major cities across Australia.

Category: Non-Woven

Non-woven materials are an excellent host for a variety of pigments – and can hold a range of colours that are highly resistant to wear and fading. Products like our non-woven shopping bags in black, white, navy blue, red and royal blue and dark green. Though specific colour options will differ from product to product within our range of non-woven bags. We encourage you to follow the links through on your choice of size and shape to find out more.

Category: Non-Woven

We offer non-woven bags in a variety of sizes, shapes and colours. From high capacity tall and narrow non-woven messenger bags, through to our low-cost new NWPP shopping bags with squared bottoms. Our range is designed to offer you with the opportunity to take the approach you want to your branding and customer experience.

Category: Non-Woven

Our non-woven bags differ from our calico bags and jute bags. The material itself is still partly made up of fibrous materials, but those materials are bonded together using a resin mixture. The result is a hardy material that takes extremely well to screen printing as it has a uniform surface, without the warp and weft of woven materials.

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Fast turn-around, affordable custom bags from Claytons Australia

We hold stock of some hundreds of thousands of Non-Woven Shopping bags, Non-Woven Retail Bags, Non-Woven Tote bags, Non-Woven shoulder bags and Non-Woven Messenger bags in our warehouse for despatch to all locations throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

The minimum order quantity for our bags in stock is only 250.

You have come to the home of Non-Woven bags. If your requirement is for a specialised size, colour or style and you can order 1000 bags or more you may not need the Non-Woven bags which we have in stock for immediate delivery. If this is the case please go to the custom made to order link at the top of this page. Here you can request a quote from a standard range or request a quote based on your own design.

We hold vast quantities of Non-Woven bags in stock for in-house printing and speedy delivery. Screen and laser printing both available. You can purchase unprinted bags or we can print to your requirements.

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