Non woven bags are some of the most popular in Sydney and Melbourne, but many people are unfamiliar with this fact. In fact, non woven fabrics are a staple of life, a fact of which many are unaware.

What Are Non Woven Fabrics? Non Woven Bags are used by Sydney and Melbourne Inhabitants More Than They Know

Non woven fabrics are materials which are made from fibers which are long and bonded together with different treatments. Felt is an example of a non woven fabric which is neither knitted nor woven together. These fabrics are engineered in a variety of ways, so that some of them are only single-use or have a limited life span, while others are incredibly durable and long lasting.

These different fabrics also have very unique properties. Some are absorbent, others are liquid repellent. Some stretch and are soft, others are resilient and strong. Some are flame retardant, while others provide thermal insulation. Oftentimes, these properties are combined, creating a fabric which has been uniquely designed for a specific job.

Non woven fabric is sometimes considered more ecological than other fabrics because a certain percentage of their makeup is recyclable and oil-based. This is important for medical, education, and hotel accommodations which provide single-use or disposable products in their industries.

Why Buy Non Woven Bags?

Non woven bags come in all shapes and sizes and are completely versatile for any occasion. They are washable, so they can be reused as many times as needed, which is an essential property for bags that are used in many different ways. They are also customizable, and so they come in a range of colours and designs, with various handle and layout options. When planning to order non woven bags, Melbourne inhabitants should search for the style, colour, and quantity desired.

Where to Start Buying Non Woven Bags Online?

It is best to start looking for non woven bags online, in bulk or wholesale. A company like Clayton’s Australia Pty Ltd has been a manufacturer and supplier of bags and holdalls for the last 40 years. They will customise them with designs and prints and offer a low minimum along with offering many different styles and handles of non woven bags in bulk. If a large quantity is needed, Clayton’s Australia Pty Ltd will sell non woven bags wholesale or in bulk online and provide the lowest price for the largest amount of bags.

Types of non woven bags include:

• tote bags
• library bags
• delegate bags
• retail bags
• shopping bags
• shoulder bags
• messenger bags
• trade fair bags
• show bags

Non woven bags are easily printed using either heat transfer of full colour photo quality, or screen printing. When customizing non woven bags, Sydney businesses or causes are providing general marketing for their program, or promoting a special event. Not only that, but by passing out these bags, they are providing their members with a great bag which can be utilised for a long time.

Reasons to customise non woven bags:

• business marketing
• social program marketing
• clubs
• groups
• special events
• conferences
• schools

Non woven bags in Sydney and Melbourne are generally more environmentally friendly and easily customizable for different needs, so they are a great choice when choosing to promote businesses, schools, or events.

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