Calico drawstring bags have a number of uses. They serve a great functional purpose, being perfect for workroom storage, laundry transport, and more. They also serve a great promotional purpose, as they can be adorned with a company’s logo or special artwork and sold or given away. There are plenty of reasons to seek out calico drawstring bags online, especially if you are looking for items in bulk, and Claytons Australia is your resource for finding incredible, high-quality products.


Uses for drawstring bags in bulk

Clayton Australia offers its calico drawstring bags, in bulk at wholesale prices in numerous different sizes, all with the capability of being printed with a design of your choosing. This can be the perfect way to say ‘thank you’ to your most loyal customers, or to sell shopping bags (as an alternative to paper or plastic) that serve as a reusable, environmentally friendly option – perfect for the business that has a special interest in going green.


Promotional drawstring bags

There are various ways you can use drawstring bags and promotional marketing is one of them. Whether you’re rewarding your most loyal customers, looking to increase your brand awareness or both, creating promotional drawstring bags with your brand logo on it offers a multitude of benefits. 

  • Positive brand association: customers love giveaways, so anything functional they can use is a great boost to their brand experience. What you offer is also a reflection of your brand, so a quality, eco-friendly product will make your company more likeable. 
  • Increased brand impressions: offering a practical product like drawstring bags that is used in public will allow more potential customers to see your brand logo.
  • Recurring return on investment: since drawstring bags are durable and reusable, everytime customers use it in public, it gains more and more attention to your name.
  • Environmentally friendly: drawstring bags are not only beneficial in your promotion, an added bonus is that you can contribute to making more sustainable choices that minimise wastage and harm to the planet.

Whether you’re looking for calico drawstring bags in Melbourne, Sydney, or anywhere else in Australia, Clayton Australia is your resource for high-quality calico drawstring bags in bulk, as well as numerous other items such as tote bags.


Ordering Calico Drawstring Bags In Bulk From Claytons Australia

Claytons Australia makes it simple to buy all of the calico drawstring bags online that you need. Minimum orders for calico drawstring bags start at 250, and go up by increments of 250 – (500, 750, and so on). These high-quality bags are produced with a drawstring pull at either side and manufactured with 140gsm calico. The material of these bags makes them perfect for either screen-printing or laser printing, so you can easily have them emblazoned with the artwork of your choice, whether that’s a company logo or artwork for a special event.

When you talk with a team member from Claytons Australia regarding your order of calico drawstring bags, you’ll have the chance to discuss any special requirements that you may have to ensure that the items you get exactly meet your specifications. You can get calico drawstring bags at wholesale prices, beginning at $0.65 per unit, and get them designed to meet your exact specifications when working with us!

Why Work with Claytons Australia?

Businesses who choose to work with Claytons Australia when they need calico drawstring bags or other items, such as tote bags, in bulk enjoy a number of benefits. Claytons Australia has over 45 years’ experience in the business, and will show off that expertise by offering incredible craftsmanship on their items, along with reliable service, all while still providing items at great value.

Claytons Australia offers fast delivery on all items, whether you need calico drawstring bags in Sydney, Melbourne, or any other locale. When you give them a call or use the form on the Claytons Australia site, you can receive a free quote regarding the bags that you are interested in, so there are no surprises when you work with them on your order. Contact Claytons Australia today on 1300224 626 to learn more or to get started!


Get in touch with Claytons Australia

Claytons Australia offers fast delivery on all items, whether you need calico drawstring bags, printed calico bags as well as customised bags. Give us a call or use the form on the Claytons Australia website, you can receive a free quote regarding the bags that you are interested in. Contact Claytons Australia today on 1800 033 217 to learn more or to get started!

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