When you want others to know about your organisation or a project, what better way to get the word out than to put as many eyes on your branding as possible? One of the easiest ways to create opportunities to spark someone’s interest is to use custom bags, such as a drawstring satchel or even a school backpack. Perhaps you’ve even seen some custom-branded bags before, such as the ones often given away at conferences or promotional booths. For those who carry these bags, it can be a statement of their interest in a subject or passion for an institution. For the institutions represented on such an item, it’s free and functional advertising.

Is your organisation interested in procuring wholesale custom backpacks to offer for sale to students and alumni? It is important to choose to work with a partner that not only understands your creative goals but can leverage an extensive production network to deliver what you need on the right timetable. At Claytons Australia, we bring to the table 50 years of industry experience and a customer service creed that puts our clients first. With well-developed relationships placed around the world, we can create and deliver superb wholesale school bags that align with our clients’ vision.

Producing wholesale custom backpacks to exacting specifications

Whether you intend to offer satchels for sale in a school bookstore or to give some away for free at a promotional library event, there are three things you must depend upon your wholesaler for – quality, quantity, and accuracy. Especially in cases where your organisation intends to purchase custom bags at wholesale for a retail store, building up inventory is important. At the same time, you must be able to depend on quality.

Wholesale school satchels that rip as soon as a student fills them with books, for example, will not inspire confidence in either your supplier or the campus store. For that reason, we take care to maintain strong relationships with our factory producers worldwide. In this way, we can both leverage a large manufacturing capacity for high-volume orders while also ensuring quality in all our wholesale backpacks. Meanwhile, we emphasise the importance of replicating your supplied design exactly as you hope to see it. The results are always stunning!

Explore more about what Claytons Australia can achieve with you

Put more eyes on your brand or spread awareness without the need to undertake an active advertising effort. With a well-designed and excellently manufacturer satchel or backpack, students gain a convenient way to carry items for school all while proudly displaying your logo, slogan, or sponsorship information. For non-customised orders, we hold a large amount of stock in our NSW warehouse ready for dispatch to locations Australia-wide. To explore all your options for promotional custom school backpacks, let us know more about what you’re seeking. Fill out our enquire now form for a prompt response, or call to learn more on 1300 224 626.

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