Around the holidays, few things are more festive than a high quality smoked ham. Ham is a popular dish at holiday parties and Christmas dinners. For good reason, many organisations throughout Australia show their appreciation to employees, volunteers, clients or even customers with hams. The only drawback to choosing hams as your company’s holiday appreciation gift is that they can get a bit messy. How can you ensure a clean and elegant presentation while also making it easy for recipients to get their hams home (and safely into the oven)?

Choose Claytons Australia for Your Wholesale Ham Bags

At Claytons Australia, we have the answer in the form of our wholesale ham bags. Every holiday season, we see a sizeable amount of business for our ham bag products. Indeed, each year, we ship about 300,000 ham bags nationally. We are one of the largest suppliers for this kind of product, for several reasons.

First, we focus on bulk ham bags. Most of the companies we work with have hundreds of clients or employees they want to honour with the gift of a holiday ham. As such, we make it easy to place bulk orders. Indeed, the minimum order quantity for these bags is 250. We do work with some smaller business which don’t need this many bags for one season of gifting. However, since the companies that give hams around the holidays tend to do so regularly, the extra quantity doesn’t usually bother our buyers. They just end up saving the residual bags for next year.

Second, we offer affordable wholesale prices. Since we sell everything in bulk, we can offer discounts that you might not get from another source. Since the ham bag itself isn’t the central part of the gift, most businesses are looking for affordable options on this front. We provide that affordability without skimping on quality.

Third, we can customise each order of bags to suit the specific buyer. Far from just being a company who manufactures bags for hams, Claytons Australia is known for producing a wide variety of bags—usually in custom designs. From retail stores to libraries and banks, we provide convenient bag solutions for many businesses and can print or brand them in accordance with specific customisation suggestions. Perhaps you want your ham bags to include your company’s brand name and logo, or maybe you want to add a festive design or a ‘Happy Holidays!’ greeting. No matter what you have in mind for design, we can provide a tailored solution.

Place Your Order Today and Ensure a Jolly Holiday Season

It’s not too early to start getting things in order for the holiday season. By working with Claytons Australia now, you can get your ham bags for sale today. Having the bags designed, printed and shipped months ahead of schedule will mean one less item on your to-do list come December. Get started today by contacting us directly.