Promotional bags are widely used by businesses in Sydney and Melbourne to promote their goods and services. If a business is interested in promoting themselves this way, they should consider the process thoughtfully in order to make the best possible decisions. Ordering from a reliable online company like Clayton’s Australia Pty Ltd, which is owner operated and has offices worldwide, is the best place to start.

Why Order Enough Promotional Bags To Receive Wholesale Prices?

  1. Choose the best quantity to price ratio. This means that a company should try to get the best price for the amount of bags they order. When ordering promotional bags in bulk or wholesale online, a minimum of 250 bags is going to have the best pricing. Ordering a certain number can virtually guarantee getting the promotional bags wholesale.
  2. The right quantity can vary. Depending on the intended audience and demographic, the amount of promotional bags that are needed can vary. If a broad range of potential customers or clients in different locations are the target, then larger quantities work better and more naturally. If the audience is limited, such as promoting only within a specific industry in the same location, then less promotional bags are necessary. The quantity can also be dependent on how long or short that specific campaign is going to run.

Promote by Purchasing Promotional Bags Online

  1. Buy online. Buying promotional bags online, in bulk or wholesale, is the easiest and most convenient way to get the product. Online vendors will be able to quote pricing and offer all kinds of customizable options without having to set up a meeting or go through details with a salesperson.
  2. Promotional items should have a specific design for a specific purpose. For a long term way to use promotional bags, Sydney and Melbourne businesses can design them for brand recognition that will last. Bags work best as giveaways for long term campaigns, rather than single-use or disposable promotional items that fit better for onetime events.
  3. Think about design. Even if a logo or basic brand should not be changed, different colours or other interesting visuals can be added to a design to make it appealing to a younger audience. Kids and young people are more attracted by aesthetics, while adults look for information and practicality.
  4. Think big. While giveaways and marketing are generally the main reasons to order promotional bags, Melbourne and Sydney businesses can use them in other ways, as well. Employee incentives are a great way to encourage work ethics, boost morale, and provide motivation to improve quality within a company. Customer prizes, thank you gifts, and exclusive offers that are included with memberships are other ways to use promotional bags, gain customers, and then keep them around.
  5. Try fundraising. A unique way to use promotional bags and other products is to work with a sponsor to invest in promotional gift baskets or bags which can be sold at auction for charity. Companies can choose to combine brand exposure, consumer giveaways, and charitable giving by donating promotional items to charity.
  6. Promote with items that are actually useful. Items that are throwaways are not beneficial to the consumer, or for marketing purposes. This is why promotional bags are the best route to take. They are versatile and useful in almost any situation, and will not get thrown away as easily as other items for those reasons.