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Become show-ready with custom show bags from Claytons Australia. We specialise in creating personalised designs that will help you to stand out and promote your brand at any event, trade show, conference or exhibition. Whether you’re networking or looking to increase your brand awareness, offering trade fair bags is a great way to introduce your brand to others and give a good first impression. With a functional, sturdy and versatile show bag that can be used on a daily basis, recipients will not only keep you at the top of their mind but also advocate your brand to others as they give your brand logo more exposure.

Benefits of promotional trade show bags

There are numerous benefits from offering trade fair bags for both your brand and the recipient. These include:

  • Increases brand impressions – reusable bags made for common daily uses are able to gain more exposure to your brand, encourage referrals from satisfied customers and increase brand recall
  • Increases traffic – in trade shows, offering goodies will bring more traffic to your booth thus helping you interact with and engage with more people 
  • Lasting returns – reusable show bags offer more utility than most promotional products, being used on a frequent basis
  • Functional products increase brand likeability – giving out something of value such as trade show bags or exhibition tote bags can help recipients remember you for good reasons and gain their goodwill

Custom design wholesale showbags at Claytons 

At Claytons Australia, we specialise in creating quality custom wholesale showbags and exhibition tote bags. With a range of materials, colours, styles and designs to choose from, you can be as creative as you want with designing your customised show bag. Decorate your trade show bag with your brand logo, slogan or a campaign specific design. By investing in promotional marketing with branded show bags, it will be like the gift that keeps on giving, bringing your brand continuous exposure and recognition from just a low cost investment. 

Get in touch with us 

Need some assistance? Reach out to the team today to enquire about custom designs and our wholesale bag range. Claytons Australia can provide you with all your bag needs, whether you’re looking for plain wholesale bags or custom designed bags with personalised prints. Browse our range of wine bags, NWPP shopping bags and much more. 


What are trade bags made of?

Trade fair bags are either made from plastic or reusable materials such as calico or non-woven fabric. The better choice of material for trade show bags is reusable ones that will reduce our environmental footprint, provide more value for the recipient and give the brand more opportunities to make brand impressions. 

Can I print a logo on a show bag?

Yes, for plastic show bags, the process of printing is done when the bags are being made. For calico, cotton on non-woven material bags, you can also print a logo which is transferred through large format screen printing. 

What colours are show bags available in?

Showbags are available in white, clear, black, gold, silver, yellow, orange, green, pink, purple, red, aqua and lime green.

What is the standard show bag size?

For plastic bags, the standard show bag size is just larger than A4 which is approximately 380mm x 250mm. The standard bag is referred to as medium size. A large bag is 530mm x 415mm. You may want to consider that most people tend to carry their smaller bags in the larger bags for convenience so it might be better to order larger bags to gain more brand exposure.

What is the lead time to obtain printed show bags?

To order printed show bags, it will take about 6 weeks once the design has been approved.

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