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Jute bags are a new product line for Claytons Australia Pty Ltd, we hold 2 bag sizes in stock.

All woven jute bags have an inner lining, padded cotton handles and can be either screen printed or laser printed.

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What is Jute?

Jute is beaut! It’s very strong and very versatile. In fact, it’s second only to cotton for cultivation and number of uses. The Jute growing and manufacturing industry in India is huge. Millions of people are employed and the number is growing as the fabric gains more popularity for use in woven bags across Australia and the globe.


What is jute used for?

Jute is a vegetable fibre that is woven to make fairly coarse but very strong fabrics. Uses include hessian sacks and coarse cloth. The fibres are also woven into ropes, curtains, chair coverings, carpets, area rugs, hessian cloth, and backing for linoleum. And, of course, wholesale Jute bags. Finally, from an environmental perspective, a jute bag is infinitely reusable and biodegradable.


What other reasons are there for choosing jute bag products?

By purchasing jute bags and products in Australia, we are supporting the jute farming industry in India and Bangladesh. However, it is important to ensure that we are purchasing ethically sourced jute products. Buying and using jute products also reduces our carbon footprint. Jute is an eco-friendly and sustainable material because its cultivation helps with soil fertility to harvest other crops. It is also biodegradable so once it reaches the end of its useful life, it naturally breaks down, causing less harm to the environment.


Promotional Wholesale Jute Bags

Jute bags have become a popular promotional item for brands and businesses in recent times. Whether you’re promoting your overall brand or a campaign, distributing jute promotional bags is a great way to get others to advocate for your business. They are very versatile and can be designed and used as tote bags, grocery bags, shopping bags and more. Durable and tough, woven jute bags are long lasting and you can bring them with you to carry any daily essentials.



Lined jute shopping bag, approx. 300mm wide x 300mm high x 200mm gusset with two cotton-padded handles 400mm long sewn to the top of the bag.




Lined jute shopping bag, approx. 400mm wide x 350mm high x 200mm gusset with two cotton-padded handles 400mm long sewn to the top of the bag.



Jute woven bags are wonderful all-purpose bags with handles. Use them as gift bags for parties, welcoming kits for guests, promotional advertising, general store shopping bags or to keep conference materials organised. You can solve nearly any need you can imagine by using jute bags instead of plastic.


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Contact Claytons Australia today and discover value and quality with your next wholesale jute bag order. You can look to us for a range of wholesale non-woven bags, trade show bags and more. We also specialise in creating custom bag designs for promotional business marketing, parties, exhibitions and more.


At Claytons, we want to ensure that you have the smoothest shopping experience, from purchase all the way to delivery. Fast and cost-effective means of delivery is as important as the product itself. We ship to every Post Code in Australia from our location in the Mid North Coast. When you buy plain jute bags online, you can be sure that your product will arrive right to your doorstep in no time no matter where you live in Australia.

Need immediate delivery? Our premium freight service offers delivery within a shorter time frame all across Australia.

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Many of our products come in natural colours. Our colours are carefully chosen to perfectly match the overall design aesthetic, material and functionality of our bags.

If you’re curious about possible customised colour options or what we can do for you with your branding, simply get in touch with our customer service specialists at Claytons.

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At Claytons, we understand the need for customisation. A design with a clear branding outline and one that specifically caters to an audience can go a long way for an organisation. Sometimes a standard product offering might not be enough. You may need to take things a little bit further. This is why our range of jute shopping bags can be customised as per size, colour or style. 

You can check out more details here.

Category: Jute

Our jute shopping bags are available in two sizes: small and large. The small edition is approximately 300mm wide, 300mm high and 200mm gusset. The large jute shopping bag takes up 400mm in width, 350mm in height and 200mm in the gusset.

Alternatively, you could order custom-sized jute bags wholesale, provided the minimum quantity is 1000.

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Fast turn-around, affordable custom bags from Claytons Australia

We hold stock of some hundreds of thousands of Jute shopping bags and Market bags in our local Australian warehouse for despatch to all locations throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

The minimum order quantity for our bags in stock is only 200.

You have come to the home of Jute Bags. If your requirement is for a specialised size, colour or style and you can order 1000 bags or more you may not need the Jute bags which we have in stock for immediate delivery. If this is the case please go to the custom made to order link at the top of this page. Here you can request a quote from a standard range or request a quote based on your own design.

We hold vast quantities of Jute bags in stock for in-house printing and speedy delivery. Screen and laser printing both available. You can purchase unprinted bags or we can print to your requirements.

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