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You can purchase unprinted bags or we can print to your requirements.

Experience the quality of expert craftsmanship with our range of custom tote bags. Choose from our stock of calico tote bags and non-woven tote bags, each designed to guarantee satisfaction. Whether you need a quick order or a large volume on short notice, Claytons can deliver, throughout Australia and internationally.


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Why tote bags?

Tote bags from Claytons are both durable and long-lasting. Our non-woven tote bags offer a high degree of reusability combined with low cost. This makes non-woven material a popular choice for customised tote bags.

Alternatively, you can also opt for a calico tote bag which is a natural cotton-woven fabric that works well for screen or laser printing. 

Customised tote bags for your specific needs 

Available in either 80gsm (non-woven) or 140gsm (calico) fabric, you can buy our tote bags wholesale in cartons of 250 bags. We have warehouse stock ready for immediate delivery. Need more than 1000 units? Place a custom order here.


You can also request specific designs for your promotional tote bags with varying sizes, styles and artworks as both calico and non-woven versions are perfect for customisation.


Fast turn-around, affordable custom bags from Claytons Australia

We hold a vast number of shopping bags, retail bags, shoulder bags and messenger bags in stock for immediate delivery to all locations throughout Australia and the South Pacific.

The minimum order quantity for our tote bags in stock is only 250.

If your requirement is for a specialised size, colour and style, or you need to place an order of over 1000, our standard tote bag offering might not be enough. If this is the case please go to the custom made to order link at the top of this page.

We hold vast quantities of tote bags in stock for in-house printing and speedy delivery. You can purchase unprinted bags or we can customise them to your specifications.


Can’t find what you’re looking for? Place a custom order with us today. We can offer customised tote bags for size, style, and colour. Want to incorporate a specific logo or an intricate design? Our manufacturing can handle it. You can find more details on artwork specifications here.

Category: Tote Bags

We ship to every Post Code in Australia from our location in the Mid North Coast. This means you can expect a reliable fast delivery service regardless of where you live in Australia.

In need of a faster delivery option? Our premium freight service offers delivery within a shorter time frame, Australia-wide.

Category: Tote Bags

Our range of Calico Tote bags come in 140gsm natural colour. Additionally, you can find these tote bags in black variants as well. The non-woven tote bag, on the other hand, offers more options including black, lime green, navy blue, orange, royal blue, and white in an 80gsm non-woven fabric.

Category: Tote Bags

Currently, we have a standard size of 300mm x 380mm with two 30mm x 500mm handles sewn to the top of the bag. We can also offer other popular sizes through our custom order option. 

Category: Tote Bags

Claytons’ tote bags are made from Calico, which is a natural cotton-woven fabric. This unbleached and often not fully processed cotton material gives off a speckled look. You can also find non-woven tote bags, made from fibrous material bonded with a resin mixture.

Category: Tote Bags

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