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Drawstring bags in Newcastle available from our online store.

Look no further than Claytons Australia, for customised drawstring bags in Newcastle; we supply bags to suit every need at competitive prices.

Tips Regarding Drawstring Bags in Newcastle

Drawstring bags are different from traditional bags and backpacks in that they do not have compartments, clasps nor zippers. It is a quick pull of the drawstring to close the bag, yet when deciding on the correct bag, there are a few factors to consider.

  • Bag size: Decide on the purpose of the bag and which items you intend carrying with it. For example, a beach towel, sunglasses, tanning lotion, and a book for reading pleasure. Place these items together in the same manner you would place them in a drawstring bag, the size of your bag should be between five and ten centimetres larger in width and length than the size the items measured.
  • Drawstring length: Torso length is the ideal length for the drawstrings, which ensures a comfortable carry while walking. Generally, drawstrings are made to a standard length, and with a little effort, one can shorten them to a perfect fit.
  • Purpose: The purpose of the drawstring bag determines the ideal materials to use during manufacture. Wholesale ham bags in Newcastle are made from calico to ensure it absorbs the vinegar mix the bag is soaked in before placing the ham inside. These bags are washable and reusable.

Problems Claytons Australia Addresses

Through our worldwide offices, we offer affordable manufacturing alternatives, which has been the foundation of our longstanding relationships with our customers.

  • Quantity: Our stockholding is massive, containing standard products which are ready for market, yet we can also supply just one carton of bags or multiple shipping containers full of bags from our ISO accredited and audited operations.
  • Variety: Should you require non-woven bags in Newcastle, look no further than Claytons Australia. During the manufacturing of our products, we use a variety of materials such as: non-woven, canvas or calico fabric. The range of products on offer range from shopping bags, conference bags, promotional bags and more.
  • Warehousing: Our huge warehouse capacity allows easy driveway access for semis and B Doubles, which enables us to offer fast, professional services, as we warehouse large quantities of a variety of off-shelf products and can ship nationwide efficiently. In our world distance is a noun, not an insurmountable challenge.

Our consistent supply of quality, cost-effective products, has led to us receiving awards in recognition of our work ethos and high QC standards.

Why Customers Should Use Claytons Australia

Our mission is to maintain existing customer relations while building new ties worldwide. Growth for us is to take continuous care of all our customers. We are not aiming at being the largest bag supplier worldwide; we’re only aiming at being the best.

Visit our warehouse or request a quote today still to become part of our growing family. We look forward to helping you source the ideal bag for you and your business.

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