Alumni and students alike love to show school spirit, whether it’s for a special event on campus or just because of their fondness for the educational experience they received. As a result, there are plenty of opportunities to offer students more chances to show off that spirit. Whether there is an upcoming seminar or job fair on campus or you are responsible for sourcing products for a school shop, a supplier is necessary. Choosing helpful and knowledgeable backpack manufacturers can help you achieve your goals, especially if your plans call for a custom design. While this adds a special touch to every product, it also necessitates a partner that understands the additional complexity involved.

Claytons Australia is proud to provide educational institutions, businesses, and other clients access to our 50 years of experience as custom backpack manufacturers. From emblazoning a school mascot or logo across a canvas bag to creating handy drawstring satchels, we have the capacity to produce many items. The experience is smooth and seamless, from your initial enquiry through to order placement, manufacturing, and ultimately delivery. Let’s take a closer look at a hypothetical example where a client comes to us in search of school satchel manufacturers that can meet unique specifications.

Our process as custom backpack manufacturers

Settle on the idea that you want to see transferred onto custom satchels or backpacks. Keep in mind the amount of space that you will have to work with; satchels present more surface area, whereas backpacks may require a smaller design. A discussion with a member of the team at Claytons Australia can help you firm up a sense of what will print well onto the bag. A look through our product posts can give you an excellent sense of the types of designs that reproduce best onto these products.

During this time, you should also consider other factors, such as material types, colours, and more. Next, after settling on the design, we can submit the order to our factories. A minimum order of 1000 units apply to all custom orders; after submission, we closely track progress and keep you informed as to an expected date of delivery. With full-service printing handled in-house, you can count on a clear and vivid representation of your design.

Enquire about your satchel idea today

Taking an idea and transforming it into a reality is surprisingly easy when you work alongside school bag manufacturers like Claytons Australia. With a streamlined process in place to not only provide you with an accurate quote but also consummate customer service from start to finish, you can count on receiving the right results. Even when the time is of the essence, our team works hard to ensure that everything is in place to fulfil orders to your satisfaction. To discuss custom satchel and bag pricing or to discuss your idea in greater depth, give us a ring on 1300 224 626 or visit our enquire now form.

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