The humble bag is easy to overlook, but it is one of the most important and versatile items we use each day. Think about it: how many different types of bags do you have in your home? From plastic grocery and shopping bags to backpacks and purses, chances are good there’s more than one in your possession. How much thought have you given in the past to where they came from, or who made them? The chances are good that the answer is “not very much” — at least, not until you encountered a situation where you need to find a way to buy bags at wholesale prices. Whether you are searching for promotional material for a company, cash handling bags for a bank, or calico bags for arts and crafts projects at school, a reliable supplier can be your best friend.

At Claytons Australia, we offer an easy and convenient way to purchase wholesale bags no matter what your specific needs are. As a manufacturer and not merely a middleman-like supplier, we have access to both a significant warehouse inventory alongside a global capacity for production. No matter what type of bag you want — or how many — we can help you find just what you need. From cartons to shipping containers, we have significant room to work as your bag wholesalers.

Wholesale bags from calico to canvas totes

The first step is to determine what type of bags you need; not all of them are created equally, after all — some are better suited to some tasks than others. For example, a library bag or a canvas tote is a better choice for carrying heavy books or objects than a simple satchel. When is a satchel the right choice? It can be an excellent idea if you intend to give away promotional items at an event, or to spread brand awareness — they’re lightweight and good for conferences. We can even provide mail satchels that stand up to the elements and can lock with ease. When you need an accessible and fast way to buy bags from online wholesalers, our substantial inventory availability makes fulfilment a breeze, no matter the product you need.

Enquire about how we can meet your requirements

For orders intended for delivery ASAP, we require only a minimum order of 250 bags. Low fulfilment quantities make it simple to buy just what you need, especially when demand occurs on short notice. We can also equip your business or organisation with everything it needs to meet its promotional goals as well — ask about our custom processes. Learn more about our abilities as bag wholesalers online — check out some of our testimonials and satisfied clients from the past. When you’re ready to begin placing an order, visit our online enquire now and send us a message about what you need to purchase. We welcome your phone calls as well.